Heroes and Villains Part 1 Blurb 3


“The dragon will fly you to wherever you want.” Elijah said in a thick voice. He stepped closer to the railing of the terrace and I watched, curiously. He pulled out a solid, silver ball and held it in his hand. Then he threw it in the air.

The ball exploded into a bright light, which resolved into a life-sized dragon. The light slowly dimmed out and what I saw in front of my eyes was a gorgeous creature with magnificent, silver scales and large blue eyes that looked like gems. It stayed put in the air, flapping its sharply carved wings with a low grumble in his throat. It’s scales seemed to ripple with the motion of the wings and moonlight bounced off of them, making the dragon shimmer.

I was mesmerized. Thaddeus limped towards the railing when I stopped him.

The words came out. “I believe you are not involved in the theft. But what has Felicity got to do with everything?”

Thaddeus gave me a half-smile. “This goes so much bigger than anyone can imagine.”

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