Heroes and Villains Part 1 Blurb 2

“One last chance, Valdez. Information in exchange for your family’s safety…don’t you love them? Don’t you want your children to grow up? Don’t you want your wife to stay alive?”

Valdez’s eyes were conflicted but his face determined. “Haud.”

Talfryn’s nostrils flared in frustration and he reluctantly turned to Erromon who had a satisfied grin on his face.

“I hope your plan works. We can’t lose him. He’s our only trustworthy lead,” He whispered.

“I’m not a blithering fool, Talfryn. But yes, I like to have some fun with my food before I eat it.” He winked.

Erromon approached Valdez slowly, intimidating him with bloodshot eyes. Valdez dragged his body away, his breaths ragged and eyes terrified.

“You all know what to do!” Erromon ordered, his eyes fixated on Valdez.

At his command, the armoured men dismounted their horses, with metallic sticks in their hands aimed at Valdez.

Erromon joined Talfryn who was facing away from the brutal scene, deep in thought. “Doing business with you was not as unfortunate as I thought it would be, Talfryn.”

“But I still hope we never have to work together again.”

Behind the two men, Valdez disappeared in the swarm of armour and his screams echoed throughout the silent valley.

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